My Current Projects


Currently I am working on a web based online strategy game with Tom Pike and Damian Newport, currently called Voidwars, it uses a combination of HTML, PHP, MySQL and Javascript that only requires a standards compliant browser to be used in order to play (e.g. Mozilla

It is similar to Civilisation or perhaps probably more like Birth of the Federation or Master of Orion, currently each game supports up to 100 players, and you can research new technologies, sabotage enemy facilities, build fleets of ships, form alliances, queue orders, bombard planets, and even travel though wormholes.

PEXIS System

This is what I have decided to call the code which is used for all my web sites page generation. It includes the user auth system, page generation, database access, XHTML/HTML support and user selectable styles.

It is named after the engine that powers the vessel Nirvana in the Anime series Vandread.

SAMUS System

This is a Sci-fi and Anime Multimedia User System (I decided on the name then tried to make an acronym as you can tell), which is essentially a database of anime and sci-fi series, each with episode information, character information, actor information and anything else I can think of.

Aside from having to type loads of information into it, it's coming along quite well, and even allows user to rate shows and episodes, and give predictions to what other shows you should like. I plan to add alot more functionality to it as and when I can.