The PEXIS Web System

The PEXIS web system is a website page generation system written by myself originally just for this site but it is now a generic web site generation system that can be used to implelent various different web sites. It is written in PHP using a MYSQL database.

Some of the features of the system are:

  • Full XMHTL1.1 and HTML page generation from source defined using XHTML2.0
  • Output of XHTML1.1 as application/xhtml+xml to browsers that accept it and HTML4 to everything else (e.g. to Internet Explorer)
  • Has optional weblog, downloads, links and forum (coming soon! =O) modules
  • Weblog module supports a pingback enabled blog with an rss feed
  • Has support for user accounts, and access levels to allow users varying access to parts of the site
  • User selectable themes to allow the user to choose a theme for the site that suits them best